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華 信 激 光 標 刻
Wah Shun Laser Engraving Company

(852) 3571 9603
(852) 9582 2934
Address: Unit 3017, 30/F, New Tech Plaza, 34 Tai Yau St, San Po Kong, Hong Kong.
Business hours (HK Time)
Mon – Fri 09:00 – 18:00
Sat & Public holiday Closed


1. Online transfer / Remittance
Please remit payment to the following Bank of China (BOC) account:

USD & CNY(RMB) A/C No.: 01273592215259
HKD A/C No.                        : 01273510356509
Bank code                             : 012
BOC bank SWIFT code       : BKCHHKHHXXX

2. ATM ( Cash / Cheque Deposit Machine)

Bank: Bank of China (BOC)
HKD A/C No.: 01273510356509
Bank code     : 012

*Remarks: Bank receipt need be sent to us by e-mail: OR fax: (852) 2124 1515 in order to settle your account.

3. Cheque by Mail

Make your crossed cheque payable to "WAH SHUN LASER ENGRAVING COMPANY" and send it with our invoice number to us(same as above address).

Contact us / More Information

If you have any payment problems, please contact at (852) 3571 9812 or email to for more details.