激光標刻集激光、數碼、自動控制、精密機械為一體,標刻內容可以是任何文字、字符、圖形、序列號、條形碼以及其組合等。激光束很細,加工過程為非接觸加工,無污染、不損壞產品、標記質量好。特別適合難以加工的 成 品 加 工 。

LASER-Light Amplification by stimulate Emission of radiation, was led into industrial field by “Wah Shun Laser Engraving Company” from high technology and military affairs on the earliest. Laser engraving is to make permanent anti-fake signs on metal materials and most non-metal materials on the surface of work piece and exposing the deep segment, the marking process was so called “engraving”, which creates an extraordinary effect.

Laser engraving multi-tuning laser, digital, auto control and exact machinery. Marks can be in any fonts, signs, graphics, photos and bar-code etc. With smallness of laser beam, work piece will not suffer any mechanical impact and damage in the laser engraving process. Laser engraving is most suitable for those companies which pursue excellent quality to engrave on their finished products.